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The Bachelor of Commerce degree is designed to provide the student with a wide range of managerial skills while at the same time building competence in a particular area of business studies;

The Bachelor of Commerce program will prepare you for any career in general management, banking, financial management, and accounting and information systems. Graduates are also equipped to work as public accountants in commercial or government administration, or in private practice. Courses focus on accounting, financial planning, decision-making and control in organizations. You will examine the fundamental principles of commerce and the business environment, and learn how to apply business principles to contemporary business practices.

Bcom Course Details:

Semester -1
1 Language Through Literature-I
2 Written and spoken Communication-I
3 Gujarati-I
4 Environmental studies-I
5 Business Economics-I
6 Financial Accounting-I
7 Business Administration-I
8 Statistics for Business-I
9 Elements of Banking-I
10 Any one
National Service scheme(NSS)
National Cadets Core(NCC)
Physical Training (PT)
Semester -2
1 Language Through Literature-II
2 Written and spoken Communication-II
3 Gujarati-II
4 Environmental studies-II
5 Business Economics-II
6 Financial Accounting-II
7 Business Administration-II
8 Statistics for Business-II
9 Elements of Banking-II
10 Any one
National Service scheme(NSS)
National Cadets Core(NCC)
Physical Training (PT)
Semester -3
1 Language Through Literature-III
2 Written and spoken Communication-III
3 Gujarati-III
4 Macro Economics-III
5 Accountancy & Taxation-III
6 Business Administration-I
7 Advance Accounting & Auditing-I&II
8 Statistics- I
9 Banking-I
10 Any one
National Service scheme(NSS)
National Cadets Core(NCC)
Physical Training (PT)
Semester -4
1 Language Through Literature-IV
2 Written and spoken Communication-IV
3 Gujarati-IV
4 Macro Economics-IV
5 Accountancy & Taxation-IV
6 Business Administration-IV
7 Advance Accounting & Auditing-III&IV
8 Statistics- III
9 Banking-III
10 Any one
National Service scheme(NSS)
National Cadets Core(NCC)
Physical Training (PT)
Semester -5
1 Language Through Literature & Spoken English
2 Gujarati-V
3 Mercantile law-I
4 Business Administration-V
5 Problems Of Indian Economics
6 Development-V
7 Advance Accounting & Auditing-V& VI
8 Statistics-VII
Semester -6
1 Language Through Literature & Spoken English
2 Gujarati-VI
3 Mercantile law-II
4 Business Administration-VI
5 Problems Of Indian Economics
6 Development-VI
7 Advance Accounting & Auditing-VII& VIII
8 Statistics-VIII


The Bachelor of Business Administration is a bachelor's degree in commerce and administration. In most universities, the degree is conferred upon a student after four years of full-time study in one or more areas of business concentrations. The BBA program usually includes general business courses and advanced courses for specific concentrations.

BBA Course details

Semester -1/II
Paper-1 Elements Of Economics-I/II
Paper-II Communication Skill-I/II
Paper-III Computer Application- I/II
Paper-IV Communication & Soft Skill-I/II
Paper-V Financial Accounting-I/II
Paper-VI Quantitative Methods-I/II
Paper-VII Managerial Economics-I/II
Paper-VIII Principles of Management-I/II
Semester –III/IV
Paper-1 Computer Application-III/IV
Paper-II Behavioral Science-I/II
Paper-III Management Accounting-I/II
Paper-IV Quantitative Methods-III/IV
Paper-V Marketing Management-I/II
Paper-VI Human Resource Management-I/II
Paper-VII Financial Management-I/II
Paper-VIII Production Management-I/II
Semester -V
1 Service Management-I
2 Entrepreneurship Development-I
3 Business Environment-I
4 Elements of Strategic Management-I
5 New Project Management-I
6 Research Methodology-I
Group –A (Marketing)
7 Advance Marketing Management-I
8 Export Management-I
Group –B (Finance)
7 Advance Financial Management-I
8 Stock Exchange & Portfolio Management
7 Advance Personnel Management-I
8 Adv Human Resource Management-I
Semester –VI
1 Service Management-II
2 Research Methodology-II
3 Business Environment-II
4 Elements of Strategic Management
Group –A (Marketing)
5 Advance Marketing Management-II
6 Export Management-II
7 Project
Group –B (Finance)
5 Advance Financial Management-II
6 Stock Exchange & Portfolio Management-II
7 Project
5 Advance Personnel Management-II
6 Adv Human Resource Management-II
7 Project


Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) - Course Description

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) trains you in Software Engineering, Computer Systems Architecture, Database Management System, Data Structures and Basic Accounting. You have myriad career opportunities as Software Developer, Web Designer or Systems Manager.

The duration of Bachelor of Computer Application is of three years (6 semesters). Candidates having qualification as 10+2 (Any Discipline) with minimum of 50% marks in aggregate or equivalent can apply for this course.

BCA Course details

Semester -1
1 Communication Skills
2 Mathematics
3 Introduction to Computer
4 Computer Programming & Programming Methodology
5 Office Automation Tools
6 Practical
Semester -2
1 Organization Structure & Behavior
2 Financial Accounting
3 Introduction to Operating System
4 Advanced “C” Programming
6 Practical
Semester -3
1 Computerized Oriented Statistical Methods
2 Software Engineering-I
4 Data Structures
5 Object Oriented Programming
6 Practical
Semester -4
1 Information Systems
2 Software Engineering-II
3 Java Programming
4 .Net Programming
5 Web Designing
6 Practical
Semester -5
1 PHP-MySql
2 Unix & Shell Programming
3 Network Technologies
4 Operating System-II
5 Asp .NET
6 Practical
Semester -6
1 Computer Graphics
2 E-Commerce & Cyber Security
3 Project
4 Seminar